Around the Tango Web

I wanted to give some love to a few fabulous tango blogs I've recently uncovered thanks to other well-informed tango bloggers out there. Give them a read when you get the chance, there's beautifully written content out there.

Gonzalo David Orihuela -
La Milonga Del 126 (Honolulu/Buenos Aires):
TangoBora's All About Tango:
Beating Tolstoy, mostly a blog about proactivity, with some tango thrown in - wonderful stuff:
Christina and Ladybug of TangoDurians:

There are probably a few more, but I've lost track of which blog I added to the blogroll when, so those are the most recent ones.



La Milonga Del 126 said...

Hola Mari,
Muchas Gracias for shinning the spotlight on LaMilongaDel126. I am already receiving bus loads of new traffic.

Relja Dereta said...

Thank you so much for the link! And shame on me for taking so much time to thank you! :)

Gonzalo Orihuela said...

I think I never thanked you for the post in which you mention my blog. I'm not very familiar with bloging and I'm trying to learn. I think I'm finally finding my way :) Thanks for the early support.

In case you are interested in seeing a short tango movie we just made here you have Pixilation 2. Hope you enjoy it.