Need more money, honey.

Ever decreasing funds and limited time (hello, back-to-school studying) have me re-evaluating how and where I spend what little discretionary income I have on tango. Prices are going up for everything - food at restaurant milongas, gas, and the entrance fee has gone up at one of the milongas. I understand the cost of things (floor fees, utilities etc) all go up and organizers/teachers can't absorb that cost.

Unfortunately, I can't absorb that cost either. :(

So now I'll be dancing less which doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I've been having some absolutely wonderful dances and I'm constantly enchanted by the warm, wonderful community I'm lucky to be a part of. What I'm lacking in quantity, I'm more than making up for in quality, I think. But still . . . it requires a bit of planning and prioritizing to figure out my dance schedule.

Calculating the Tango Budget

First and foremost I want to support our tango musicians we're so lucky to have. Between Glover Gill and Tosca String Quartet, and Austin Piazzolla Quintet - we have wonderful options for live tango music here in Central Texas. Not many communities have access to a regular schedule of live music. Supporting them is a bit of a win-win situation, as it turns out.

- Tuesdays and frequently on Thursdays, Glover Gill plays solo at Texas French Bread (Tues) and Esquina Tango (Thur) without an entrance cover charge (but of course, please tip the musician(s) if you come.)

- On one Saturday a month, Glover and Tosca play together at Esquina for $10 - a bargain for live music. (On Monday nights. Glover plays at the Continental Club in Houston, too!)

- There's a free milonga once a month at Tazza Fresca coffee house, and another at University of Texas (except during the summer) - so that's two more options.

Then there's two milongas, one at Esquina (w/dj) and one at Uptown (also w/dj and only if you arrive between 9-9:30pm, otherwise it's $10) that are a very reasonable $5.

That's still a pretty full schedule if I can switch to going to milongas during the week and/or get myself together by 9pm. Next, figuring out workshops and lessons. *sigh* If only I could give up sleeping and eating, I could get a second job (because I certainly can't give up my tango time).

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