What is Tango Bliss?

Picture courtesy of Morguefile

There's a debate going on (frequently) over at Dance Forums about what tango bliss/trance is, and how we can create the conditions for it to happen. I think Sharna Fabiano puts it far better than I have (or can):

"I felt I was truly in the present moment. We tango dancers strive for this above all else, a zen-like state in which you feel as though the tango is animating your body, that you are effortlessly there with no past and no future. When you are only in the now, you are as purely yourself as you can be." (Thank you Joy-in-Motion for sharing such a wonderful resource!)

It doesn't get much better than that. Now how to get there, well... the debate rages on the forum...


AlexTangoFuego said...

Hola Mari!

I always go with Dan Boccia's definition: "The state of being so completely immersed in the music and so profoundly connected to your partner that movement flows from within the partnership absent conscious thought."

That quoted, I believe there is much more to it, and not enough time or room here to delve into it.

I do know this, as a fundamental truth of the Universe, that tango bliss cannot occur in an open embrace.

Hope to see you soon...we'll be out and about in the coming weeks...

Marika said...

Though I have felt very intense connection (very) occasionally in open embrace, you're right that it isn't the same animal. For me, entrega, which is an essential part of tango bliss, requires at the minimum, the feeling of being held. There is just no substitute for that foundation.