How not to get dances . . .

(notice picture of the about-to-pounce cute kitten from, so cute that you should instantly forgive the awkward actions of this wayward tanguera.)

I did that thing I promised myself I wouldn't do. I practically pounced on a leader for a dance. (*hangs head in shame*)

He doesn't come to milongas very often at all. And I did try to use my psychic ability eye contact, first. Really, I did.

He was sitting on the far end of the dance floor, in very low light. So when I looked for a cabeceo from him, I couldn't exactly tell if I was making eye contact, or staring down a coat rack. (My vision is pretty bad - even with my glasses on.) I tried to nonchalantly pass by every so often - but we were both dancing a great deal and it was rare that he and I were both sitting at the same time.

And he did write in his blog that it was okay to ask.

Aaaand it was getting late.

I panicked.

Worst of all he was getting ready to pack it in when I finally got over to his table. ::facepalm:: I could have just said "good night" and wandered off but nooOOoo... Who knows how long it would be before he'd be back? His lovely lady friend threw him under the bus and encouraged him to dance with the poor misguided soul (who was trying to look casual) in front of their table.

Of course said leader was very sweet and it was a lovely tanda. But still . . . This is not how to get dances.


Joy in Motion said...

LOL! I forgive you, publicly because your post was so entertaining but secretly because you've reminded me of how silly some of my own attempts to get dances have been. Glad to know I'm not the only one, Mari :)

Thanks for the laugh (and the confrontation with reality)!

Frances R said...

Look on the bright side. It is flattering to feel SO desired. :)

Marika said...

J-in-M - Oh thank you. Unfortunately I've had loads of silly experiences like that - which is why I've pretty much given up trying to look sophisticated and cool. I just can't carry that off. Especially since that time I walked out of the ladies look with my skirt tucked into my tights. *rolls eyes*

Frances - I think he took it pretty much as a compliment, though possibly an annoying one lol. He's a very sweet and very generous dancer, so I think I might be forgiven by the next time he comes to a milonga. ;)

WellHeeledBlog said...

I understand 100% what you are talking about. There is this one gentleman who is *such* a joy to dance with (I always leave the tanda grinning ear to ear), that I am always "casually" walking by his table whenever I get the chance. He probably see through my act in about half a second. ><