Follow-up on "You've Got to Accentuate the Positive"

EDIT: I left out two sentences from the reader in BsAs's comment, that I thought I had copied and pasted from drafts, but didn't. I shouldn't publish when I'm so sleepy . . . .

I've gotten a tremendous amount of email regarding the last post, and I think you so much for all the feedback, both good and bad. There were a few things I wanted to share from my inbox that I thought might be enlightening, or didn't get addressed in the original post.

From reader in BsAs who says, "followers should have no style of their own. Their job is to follow, that's all. (ADDED-->) Many followers say they are expressing the music when all they are really doing is back leading. Tango is not a democracy."
I am not a piece of furniture, nor am I deaf.
This topic is address rather well in a video here.

From P in California, "Are there pictures of you somewhere in a post or something?"
I don't know honestly. Maybe. I haven't seen any - at least not related to this subject. There are certainly pictures of me doing the things listed in those posts - splayed fingers, arm too high, and ironically, too low, flexed ankles etc etc.

From reader in Georgia who asked, "Where are the posts that you're talking about?"
I decided not to link to, or list, or name, the blog and forum posts that I referenced because frankly, they get enough traffic without me. I want to support the sites/writers/blogs/posts that have positive things to say, and critiquing that's done without ugliness. Speaking of which, I really ought to list more of the good ones. There are several great resources.

From my friend T, who suggests the offending parties watch this: Salt-n-Pepa's 1993 classic - None of Your Business (probably NSFW). While that's extremely funny, it probably wouldn't encourage a very open dialogue. Hilarious though. And thanks a lot, now I have that song in my head.

From reader IC, location unknown, "Why do you quote Gavito so much?"
Because I'm a rabid-Gavito-groupie-fan-girl. Sorry, I know it's very sad. Plus he has loads and loads of really awesome quotes to use. Of course I get that way over Biagi, Pugliese, Calo and Rodriguez (Enrique) - but they don't have tons of easily applicable quotes. *shrug*

From M, location unknown, "The post is good, but a bit long for the subject don't you think?"
Yes I did consider writing a post that was less lengthy on the subject. In fact the first draft was quite succinct. However, I thought later that "kiss my ass" might not encourage the sort of dialogue I was hoping for.

Another M, location withheld,
" . . . what brings us all together is our love of this dance- and if people have joy on their faces and lightness filling their heart then who cares what they look like, because really, isn't that what we wake up for and look for every day of our lives? "

Exactly. I couldn't have said it better. Ever consider starting a blog? ((abrazos))

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