Tango: a Dance for a Lifetime

From Wikipedia Media under Argentine Tango (Photographer: Christian Aastrup, 2004)

Melina Sedo wrote, in the comments on her new blog, "Melina's Two Cents",

" . . . please look at youtube-videos of famous dance couples: you'll find lots of rather homely, round or old famous Maestros, but very few of their partners will weigh more than 55 kilos or be elder than 35."

I wanted to comment about this since it was mostly the dancers I have listed here, and the several outstanding local tangueras (all over the age of 50) that inspired me not only to start my tango journey, but inspired me when I was feeling down about my dancing. Here are a dozen famous milongueras and teachers all over the age of 35, in various shapes and sizes, dancing all over the world. (I decided to stop at 12 since I ran out of time - there are many, many more.)

Maria Nieves
Maria del Carmen
Marcela Duran, still performing and touring with Forvever Tango
Nito y Elba Garcia
Neli, Coca, and Mary Ann Casas here in "Lunch with the Milongueros"
Oscar y Mary Ann Casas:
Pocho y Neli
Osvaldo y Coca
Tete (RIP) y Silvia

Brigitta Winkler
Manolo Salvador y Martha Anton
Facundo Posadas & Christy Cote
Chiche y Marta
and the milongueras making an appearance in El Ultimo Bandeneon.

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