Highlights of Houston Tango Marathon

I wasn't able to make Sunday's festivities due to injury, but here are the highlights from the Houston Tango Marathon Friday and Saturday in no particular order (after the first one):

- No. 1 highlight: Watching the most beautiful, romantic marriage proposal ever of Alejandro Almanza and Pilar Prieto on the dance floor Saturday night. It was so sweet, I cried all over myself.
- the music! The music was outstanding all weekend - thank you so much to the dj's.
- our hosts provided wonderful food and drink to enjoy. It must have been a challenge to provide so many delights (tamales, fruit, baklava, etc) for so many hungry dancers. And whatever that hot drinking chocolate concoction was - it was amazing!
- the space itself - the rooms, the floors, the lighting and the sound quality were all terrific. Rice University has great facilities.
- this was also the first time, I think, that I've been in Houston when it's sunny for than one day at a time. I was beginning to think I would be cursed to bring bad weather with me every time I went.
- while all three performances Saturday night were accomplished and musical, I especially loved watching Eric and Rebecca. I was mesmerized by their graceful connection, timing and elegance. They both moved with such purpose and intention, without rushing or using rapid fire moves. More importantly (to me anyway), they were also a pleasure to watch on the social dance floor with every one I saw them dance with.
- conversations with old friends and new,
- playing "wait for it" during practica on Saturday with a very sweet and patient tanguero from Austin, and then totally tearing up a crazy milonga tanda after that,
- time with my wonderful hosts who not only provided transportation to and from Houston, but made me feel so welcome in their home. Thank you so very, very much!

There was more but I'm still recovering so that's all I've got for now - thank you to the Houston tango community!

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