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Me entrego a tus brazos
Con miedo y con calma
Y un ruego en la boca
Y un ruego en el alma

-- Con Toda Palabra by Lhasa de Sela

Tonight there is a heaviness in his heart.
I can feel a melancholy weight between my hand on his back,
 . . .  and my own heart beating.
He is sad about something. . .
Or someone.

Tonight, he smiles, but the smile doesn't reach his lowered eyes.
He embraces me the way he always does, then pauses . . .
very still,
not even a breath,
his arm holds me a little closer.
I hold him a little tighter in return and he relaxes slightly.
We take a deep breath together.

The second phrase starts and we glide into the stream of dancers.
He is here, but also somewhere else . . . .
. . . . reliving something that the music has brought to mind.

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"I surrender to your arms
with fear and with calm
and a prayer on my lips
and a prayer in my heart"

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perri iezzoni said...

I like this. The woman-poet, so rare. Is that because men don't inspire or is it a woman-thing? I wonder.