Baby Steps

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Guest post by Jane Prusakova

Foot out, step, collect back, foot out again, step, transfer weight, collect the other foot,  leap and swing back... Brave and very scared, holding on tight and venturing into the unknown...  My 9-month old is taking her very first steps.  

It is also my Argentine tango steps. Admittedly, not every tanda is a venture into the unknown, but I cherish those that are.   

I love the simplicity of the basic AT move (a step), and the complexity of the dance  -- the richness of the movement, the abandance of possibilities.  Any step could be followed by a multitude of other steps - and it is betweem the leader and the follower to choose which ones will come into existence.    The fleeting moment before that choice is made, the split second full of opportunities and the uncertainties, is where the world ceases to exist, only the music and the connection remain. 

Can I trust what comes next? Will I fall, tripping over my own feet? Will I fly, gliding off the floor with the next turn of the melody?  Those question are eternal, and the answers are very personal.  As for me - I am learning from my baby. And she is choosing to make the next step

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