Part II: Antidote

The Antidote - it's what keeps us coming back . . .

I'd had too many rough experiences in one night. Actually, I'd had too many a night, for months. I was at the end of what I could take and thought, maybe it's a sign.

Maybe I need a break for awhile.

I'm becoming the person I didn't want to be. Tired. Frustrated. Cynical.  I've talked other people out of this place and back into tango - but I couldn't get the pep-talk to work on myself.

What do I want so badly?

My eyes wandered from my shoe bag to the door and as I turned my head, you caught my eyes. I smiled before I knew what I was doing. One more tanda. I'll dance one more tanda, I thought, then go home.

You were patient, waiting for me to relax and finally, half way through the first song, I did. I settled against your chest and breathed deeply for probably the first time that night. I listened to the music and our breathing and let everything else slip away. As we danced, I clung to the singer's voice more than usual. I forgot what I was so angry about. I almost forgot where I was.

When the music stopped, I was warm and happy. I looked into your smiling eyes and said, thank you for that. You just don't know how much I needed it. You squeezed my hand one more time and just smiled broadly.

You were the antidote. Thank you.