The moon has coated me with dust . . .

This isn't a tango post, but it is a music post - and I think somewhat applicable.

It is an almost miraculous thing when a piece of music can speak to us in different ways, in different times in our lives. Sometimes it's a matter of maturity and understanding the depth of a piece over time - but sometimes it's more. The story in the music is so big and yet so personal all at the same. So wherever you are, the song is there, singing to your story. Showing you pieces of your own world you may not have put together yet.

Pheobe Snow's "Isn't it a Shame," off of her Second Childhood album, is that kind of song for me, and for my mom. I've written before how my mom and I found much common ground through her music.   When we couldn't find the words to tell each other, Pheobe let us both tell our stories to each other, without having to explain.

Everyone reads "Isn't a Shame" differently. To some it is very sad, almost pessimistic. Like the Tower card in a tarot deck - to some it means failure or ruin. To others, and to me, it symbolizes the castles of cards we make with our ego. The illusions we indulge. Our weaknesses we've tried to disguise as strengths.

Who is she talking to?  Who knows? When I hear it tell my story, it is always someone different. Sometimes "Can you help me" really means, "can you forgive me?"  Other times it has meant that I cannot find the strength to dig out on my own.

Do you have songs that have spoken to you at different points in your life?

Isn't it a shame
Not to have something to believe in
To have to cry in public places
Frightened by children making faces

Travel folders call you
So do your memories
But the statistics seem to stall you
And they whisper it's a tease . . .

The moon has coated me with dust
I must look a sight
I left my mind out in the rain
So please don't be polite

Can you help me
Can you help me...later on tonight
Can you help me
Can you help me
At least until it's light...

Tonight I won't be drinking
I'll love you anyway (ay ay ay)
I will be very busy thinking
But I can still come out and play

It's more than medication
It is all that's on the shelf
The simple fact that I'm alive and well
And I'm laughing at myself

My casual friends were casualties
My foes were just faux pas
but I still have that second chance
And I'm listening for applause

Look at us poor souls down here
Tryin' to turn an honest trick
Every second season seems we think
We're tired or sick

Can you help us, can you help us
Something's got to click
Can you help me, can you help me
To sing another lick....

Unfortunately I could not find this one online anywhere. You can hear a sample of it here, and of course buy the mp3.

Picture above, courtesy of Wikipedia. Phoebe Snow (1950-2011)

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