I'm back in the Tango Design Business!

Have you ever had trouble picking out your shoe bag from everyone else’s in the milonga? Are your shoe bags too small to store everything you need? I've applied my tango shoe design experience to other accessories to solve those problems!

Normal shoe bags measure about 13"-15" long, and 10"-12" wide. They also tend to be the logo and design of the shoe company, which means your bag could look exactly like a lot of other bags under the milonga tables. Or worse, the bag is black! Not only does it look like other bags – but it’s hard to see in the milonga (especially in the US where milonga lighting is particularly low.)

RedBubble bags measure 19.5" tall, and 15" wide. They’re thicker than most shoe bags that come with the shoes, and they can be designed to coordinate with your shoes, your favorite tango outfit - whatever! Every pair of shoes has its matching shoe bag – so much easier to pick out in your closet and at the milonga!

For an additional fee, I can personalize the bag, or other accessories with your name, your favorite tango song title, or whatever you choose.

About RedBubble’s drawstring bags:

- Made from very sturdy, 100% polyester woven fabric
- Wide, soft drawcord that’s easy on your shoulders
- Durable quality metal grommets
- Long-lasting printed design on both front and back

Plus, you not only get a shoe bag that matches, but zip studio bags, tote bags, for some designs even scarves or leggings, that all coordinate with the design.

RedBubble doesn’t let creators set prices exactly, but we can set margins. So I’ll be very transparent about markups according to the amount of work and personalization each bag requires.

- For designs that are already in the store, my margin is lower than the default – only 10%.
- Designs that I create to match a pair of shoes or outfit etc., to be sold in the store generally (which means it will be available for purchase by others), 20%.
- Designs that include personalization – like name, community etc., 25%.
- Designs that will be created and sold exclusively to one person and not listed again, 30%.

Please see my RedBubble Infinite Tango Store for more information and pictures!

While you're there, be sure to check out my tango artwork on a variety of accessories, like the tote bags pictured below.

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