New Designs for Coordinated Tango Accessories and Clothes

One of my favorite things about designing custom shoes for Mr. Tango Shoes customers, was being able to tailor the patterns to clothes dancers enjoyed wearing to milongas. What an easy way to set your look apart!

I stopped designing shoes because it was so time and labor intensive, but I really missed doing design work. So now I've turned it around and I'm on RedBubble, designing clothes and accessories that match dancers' shoes instead. I wish I'd found this site ages ago! The tough part right now is not designing an entire wardrobe of accessories for myself!

So save me from myself and give me some ideas of what you'd like to see. I'm already perusing the latest, greatest shoe models hitting the stores here and in Buenos Aires - as well as taking a peek at Pantone's upcoming color features. In my store, Infinite Tango on RedBubble, also look for my artwork making its way onto tote bags, t-shirts and even scarves!

While I haven't been able to check every product, the I have found that the tote bags, zip bags and t-shirts are made in the US. I'm waiting to hear back on the place of manufacture for the other products. So far the quality, especially compared to most print-on-demand sites, is very good!

Update on where things are manufactured, from the website:

"Each of the 3rd party printers in our global network manufactures specific products and services particular parts of the world. We ensure your goodies will be printed in the most convenient location for your delivery address, ensuring fast and affordable shipping services!"

So in short, it depends on where you have your ordered delivered. 

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