New Plans for Tango Product Lines

The plan is coming together! Well, mostly. Thanks to feedback and requests from tango friends from all over the world, I have a pretty solid plan of action for my tango designs on the Infinitetango RedBubble Store.

There are, at this time, 3 departments in the shop:

1. Custom Designs - these are designs, usually geometric or abstract, to match specific shoes, apparel or other requests. These are mostly geometric patterns created from color picking directly from the image of the shoe or garment, and then creating patterns with the exactly colors for the best possible match.

2. Tango Quotes - both famous and a bit more obscure. I have a huge library of quotes in Scrivener that I've been trying to decide what to do with. Once I realized that the tango quotes are my most popular posts on my Instagram page, I knew what to do!

3. Digital Artwork - Most of these are created from pictures of my trip to Buenos Aires. Some are from local milongas though, as well.

I'm developing all three lines simultaneously as I'm inspired, have time or have requests. I am getting a little bit overloaded with commissions, so turnaround time on custom requests is about 2 weeks right now. I appreciate everyone's patience with this!

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