Art Software Resources - Paid and Free

Just a quick update since several people have asked for the list. Here are the art resources I use most for the majority of my work. Keep in mind, I use a Mac so with other platforms, your results might vary. 
This is PhotoPea which does a great job, to a point. The larger the photo, the slower it gets.

Paid/Desktop Apps/Software - available for desktop and tablets:

  • Adobe Photoshop and Design, now available on subscription plans which is helpful if you're on a budget:  I still use this for some of the short cuts I've developed, but more and more, I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer more.
  • Affinity Photo and Designer: I'm using Serif's Affinity products more lately as they offer the flexibility of GIMP and the robust offerings of Photoshop, for less money. A new product, Publisher, is available for pre-order and I'm getting curious about that one.

Free Web-based Apps Online:

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