Back to my First Love - Tango Shoes! Well, sort of . . .

People who know me in tango know that at one time I designed custom tango shoes for clients. I worked with shoes out of Colombia to make shoes that matched clothes, shoes for hard to fit feet, custom sizing, custom materials - the works. I loved designing for clients - but I hated having an inventory to carry around to milongas and practicas to sell enough volume to keep afloat. In the end, I gave up the business to concentrate on my main (non-tango) job and personal training.

As I've written in the past few posts, I'm designing again - this time accessories instead of shoes. I take commissions for custom work as I'm able and keep a steady supply of new designs hitting my RedBubble virtual shelves. It's the best of both worlds - I get to design to my heart's content, but not have to worry about an inventory to lug around.

Lately though, I've really, really been missing the shoes. So I decided to do some shoe-themed designed to make myself feel better.  These are so much - now to keep my own mitts off my merchandise and try to save a little money. I'm always my biggest customer.  :)

Have I mentioned I love shoes?

Variations of the designs on the large drawstring, heavy-duty shoe bags.

The original designs.

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