The Infinite Tango RedBubble Store is Roaring to Life

First, thank you to everyone who has been sending me their feedback, ideas, suggestions and critiques - you are all amazing and I love you!

Golden Age Tango Orchestras on Tango Banner

As of this morning, I have almost 100 designs in the shop (!), with each design on anywhere from 10-40 products each! On RedBubble, my shop is now one of the largest focused on Argentine Tango, and I still have over 30 designs waiting to be finalized and uploaded.

There are several new design categories:
  • Educational(-ish) word art designs that list works by tango orchestra or period.
  • Tango/Milonga humor category called #milongaexcuses
  • Traditional Art pieces (that have been remastered to better render on RedBubble's products)
  • Tango Quotes
  • Geometric designs - usually commissioned works to match specific shoes, clothes or accessories, or to be personalized.

"I'm sorry I missed your cabeceo. That was just my RBF. *Resting Bitch Face #milongaexcuses

New items:

Los Dos Angeles - Vargas and D'Agostino stickers in black music note and red heart.

  • Combo sticker packs - more than one sticker design available on a single sheet. Since I had several designs that I liked, but maybe wouldn't be appropriate for a t-shirt because of color or size limitations, I worked those designs into stickers and added them into combinations. Remember with combo sticker sheets, that the individual stickers will be smaller - so pick out the larger sheet if you need them to be big.
  • Shower curtains and bath mats are coming! Throw blankets are already here! Who wouldn't want a blue D'Arienzo throw blanket with a bandoneon on it, I ask you? 

Juan D'Arienzo blue throw with some of D'Arienzo's greatest hits on a black bandoneon background.

What's coming
  • More orchestras - I'll never run out of these but they can be time consuming to create as each "design" actually has 3-6 different variations to fit on each product. 
  • Products for dancers in other areas. Since tango dancers often dance more than just tango, I'm going to creating some designs for dance generalists, and dances that are also popular with tango dancers - blues, salsa and swing for example.
  • More "spilling the tango tea" as the kids say. More milonga humor and fun, colorful, lighter-hearted designs. #milongaexcuses

Cabeceo with cat like laser focus!

Paying it forward

So many people have helped me find resources in free art tools, advice, design ideas etc., that I'm going to post what I've learned on this blog. There are so many free, easy to use, web based tools you can use that if you have any ideas for something to put on a sticker or a t-shirt etc., there's no excuse not to try out Print on Demand sites. RedBubble is extremely easy to use - especially once you have the tools in place.  Look for updates on this blog and on my Infinite Tango blog (and of course the RedBubble journal as well) for tips, resources and guides.

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