Last night's beautiful alternative tango music

Milongas at Dance Institute (hosted by Laura Pellegrino) always have fantastic music - but the alternative pieces are always especially lovely. My favorites from last night:

la valse d' amelie

Nothing Else Matters - Apocolyptica

Loreena McKennitt's Tango to Evora


Anonymous said...

Thank you for those. I find the occasional 'alternative' tanda interesting and enjoyable. And sometimes suprises by the virulence of those who insist that music at a milonga should not stray too far from the 'Golden Age'. It seems to me there is a place for both.

Mari said...

I think although I would be disappointed in a milonga that featured all (or maybe even mostly) alternative tango music, like you Magickwords, I think there's room for both. At our local milongas, alternative pieces are played rather late in the milonga - and I think that's a good time. Sometimes it allows a good change in energy and re-invigorates the crowd. There are those who, I'm sure at every milonga, "sit out" those tandas in mild protest. But they're fairly few in number around here.